Sunday, September 6, 2009

Special Thanks, Tat Black and the Drac!

The Pete Johnson Cigar Event last Friday was a great success! I like to thank all who attended for making this the best event ever, since the store's inception. I like to especially thank Pete for flying up here just for one day to attend my event, for Rick at Big "E" Ales for supplying his great beers. Last but not least, Josh at Lit for being a true brother of the leaf.

The photos for this event will be posted on a later date. However, when Pete came up here, he brought some of his new cigars for us to smoke. I've smoked the new Tat Black and it was unbelievable! But what got me was the the Drac, which will be released on Halloween. I knew the new Tat Black will be phenomenal, but the the Drac is right up there!

It started off with flavors of raisins, liquorices and earthiness and then it changed on you with flavors of coco/chocolate and leather. It was Phenomenal cigar! I can not wait to get it in my store for this Halloween!!